Sunday, November 02, 2008

Head Off Voter Fraud!!!


Many states have already felt the sting of Republicans pushing their voter deception and removal schemes. Today in Colorado 30,000 voters were added back to the voter rolls by diligent voter protection agencies.

Illegally removing voters from voter rolls is worse than Acorn's occasional registration of Mickey Mouse or the Dallas Cowboys. The former involves removing hundreds of thousands of legal voters from voter rolls and the latter involves attempts to register ghosts who would never vote in the first place. The illegal removing of voters from the rolls is VOTER FRAUD, the registration of Mickey Mouse is Registration Fraud.

Steps we can take to head-off fraud before it occurs:

  1. Vote early;
  2. Help document and monitor the election;
  3. Immediately call 1-866-OUR-VOTE, the country's largest election monitoring operation, to report irregularities, and, most importantly,
  4. Push for a massive turnout to create a significant margin of victory for Obama.

A general strike is the most effective protest vehicle in the face of a repeat of the selection of the president in Election 2000. In the event of a stolen election:

  1. Participate in local and national work stoppages,
  2. Participate in school walkouts,
  3. Participate in protests, and
  4. other actions

We must also communicate to the government, to corporate interests, and to the world that we will fight the decimation of democracy.... Even without a strong labor movement, the immigrant rights mobilization of 2006 – the largest simultaneous marches in U.S. history – proved that you can make a powerful statement simply by not showing up to work and marching instead.

No Voter Left Behind's Voter Guide, meanwhile, offers a useful primer on voting rights in the US and NVLB's compendium of each state's various election rules, regulations and deadlines answer many basic questions.

In Washington State voter rights and information can be found at


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