Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Democrat Grassroots Program for 2008

Date: July 30, 2007
TO: Dedicated Democratic Leaders
FROM: Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-MD),Chairman Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) RE: Growing the Democratic Majority in Congress EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The 2008 election is already in full swing and our candidates are hard at work across the country, campaigning for their vision of America’s future. They are meeting voters, mobilizing activists, and fighting for early support. And the stakes could not be higher. Will the Democratic Party stay on offense and finish the job we began in 2006 by taking back the White House and strengthening our majorities in Congress?

Or will the Republican Party, funded by powerful special interests, fight back and hold the White House while taking back one or both houses of Congress? The answer to these questions will depend on what we do together right now. If you have had enough of the lack of accountability, massive corruption and failed policies of the Bush Administration, then join with me and hundreds-of-thousands of your fellow Democrats in the most important campaign in a generation. Together we can make lasting change for America. This Victory in 2008 memorandum lays out “Phase I” of our strategy – building on our momentum from 2006 and setting the stage for an even bigger victory in 2008. This is our plan for building on what we started in 2006 and finishing the job in 2008. I urge you to review this plan for victory and then join with me and your fellow Democrats and support the DCCC today. We will finish the job in 2008, but only with your support. Please consider rushing a generous donation of $20, $25 or even $50 to the DCCC right now. Your gift will be put to work immediately, helping to implement our Victory in 2008 Campaign Plan. The only way we can finish the job in 2008 is with your support. Together we can make lasting change for America.


We need your support now in order to mount a strong offense. To protect and expand our Majority in 2008, we need to mobilize voters, get our message out, and counter the vicious attacks and distortions already being fired from the Karl Rove spin machine. Our plan for expanding our Majority consists of four fundamental steps:

Putting Republicans on the defensive

  1. Aggressively targeting ethically-challenged Republican incumbents
  2. Continue our work bringing change and accountability to Washington
  3. Strongly supporting our Democratic candidates

We also need to continue reminding the American people of the progress that we’ve made in only six short months in the Majority. Within the first 100 days of Congress, House Democrats passed a minimum wage increase, approved sweeping ethics reform, authorized new stem cell research, and held more than150 oversight hearings — more than the Republicans did in 12 years. As proud as we are of these accomplishments, I can assure you that it's just the beginning. With six years of failed and disastrous policy from the Bush Administration, it will take a stronger Majority and a Democrat in the White House to repair the damage and put our country back on track. In order for us to win the White House and increase our Majority, the DCCC is going to need your dedicated and sustained support. You are the base of our Party and the foundation of victory. Your immediate help is critical to the success of our plan to move America forward.


The best way to keep the Republicans on defense is for Democrats to build an early and aggressive offense. That is exactly what we have done so far and we intend to keep it that way. We are aggressively targeting Republican-held seats where the right Democrat can win in 2008. To make sure that we succeed, the DCCC is expanding the playing field by recruiting strong candidates in competitive districts focusing on four key areas:

  1. Districts where Republicans won by less than 10% in 2006;
  2. Seats where the Republican incumbent plans to retire;
  3. Districts held by ethically challenged Republican incumbents; and,
  4. Republican-held seats in districts that John Kerry won in 2004.

Targeting vulnerable Republicans early accomplishes two key objectives:

  1. It expands the number of seats that Democrats have a chance to pick up, giving our party critical momentum, energy, and resources nationwide; and
  2. It forces the Republicans to spend their limited resources defending their vulnerable seats instead of using those funds to attack Democrats.

In 2008, Democrats will compete in all 32 districts where Republicans won with less than 10% in 2006. And, as the graph above shows, there were proportionately more Republican seats that were held onto with smaller vote margins then Democrats, making them prime targets for a Democratic pick-up. This is only the beginning. In 2008 the national playing field will be even bigger. Democrats will be on the offensive, playing district by district across the country.


The 2006 Elections proved that trust and accountability matter a great deal. In 2006, years of Republican corruption and abuse of power was exposed. And these elections showed that Democrats could win in Republican districts where an ethically-challenged incumbent was on the ballot. As we continue to uncover the Republicans’ culture of corruption in 2007, Democrats are holding Republicans accountable. Over the course of the past few months we have watched these headlines hit the newspapers:

“Arizona GOP Rep. Rick Renzi steps down from all committees after FBI raid” (AP, 4/24/07)

“Rep. Doolittle resigns panel seat after FBI raids home…” (Chicago Sun-Times, 4/20/07)

“FBI asking Tom Feeney about trip with Abramoff” (St. Petersburg Times, 4/24/07)

Make no mistake about it: Democrats are committed to holding Republicans’ feet to the fire by exposing corruption and recruiting the strongest possible challengers to sweep them out of office. STEP 3: ACCOUNTABILITY Last November, Democrats promised to give the Bush Administration and the Republicans in Washington something they desperately tried to avoid for six years – accountability. Since taking control in January, we have delivered on that pledge. Democrats have left no stone unturned and brought unprecedented accountability to Washington. We ended the President’s blank check to wage an endless war in Iraq. But that was just the beginning. We have held more than 150 oversight hearings to expose the Bush Administration’s failed policies - from the disastrous planning and execution of the war in Iraq to Hurricane Katrina to the Justice Department’s politically motivated firing of some of our best U.S. Attorneys. Democrats have also brought new accountability to Washington. We restored fiscal responsibility to our budget and passed one of the strongest lobbying reform packages in history. Thanks to your help, we have placed the Republicans on notice that Democrats will not stop working for a better America that improves people’s lives and is once again respected around the world. STEP 4: SUPPORTING OUR DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATES Democrats have a strong record of defending tough incumbent seats. Democrats have lost only six incumbent seats since 1996, three of which we’ve already regained. The DCCC is setting up a mentor program to dispatch battle-tested elected members to help newly recruited candidates battle their opponents. The new class of Democrats are battle tested and heading into 2008 with a better command of what it takes to win. Many ran tough races and, thanks to our Majority standing in Congress, now have a solid record of accomplishments to take back to their constituents. We cannot afford to take any chances. That is why we have set aggressive goals for each of our new members to help ensure they get their campaigns off and running early:

  • Outreach programs: In order to build the best local grassroots networks, the DCCC is asking new Members to put together outreach and volunteer programs in their home districts. Members will be required to build and execute a rigorous house party and grassroots plan with the goal of identifying 1,000 volunteers.
  • Online networks: Since the support of Internet organizations was a vital part of the Democratic success in 2006, we will continue to develop our online presence on behalf of our Democrats, seeking to involve at least 30,000 new supporters via e-mail and Webbased outreach.
  • Rapid Response Network: We have established a special network (and a fund to support it) that hits back hard when Republicans spin the facts to distort the truth. We have set a goal to recruit 500,000 activists dedicated to ensuring that the truth –not Republican spin – is getting through to the media and to voters.

People and grassroots participation count, but our candidates will not win if they don’t have financial resources to get their messages out through the media and fight back hard when attacked by Karl Rove’s hatchet men and their allies on right-wing talk radio and in other media. Early success with fundraising will give pause to Republican challengers and help us recruit strong Democrats to take on Republicans in open seat races or in soft Republican-held districts.

CONCLUSION: GOOD POLICY IS GOOD POLITICS Sustaining our Majority requires more than good candidates and well-funded strategies. We have to prove why a Democratic Majority is worth fighting for. What we’ve achieved so far in 2007 not only offers the clearest picture yet of the difference between a Republican-led Congress and a Democratic one, but it is the strongest argument for keeping the Democrats in power. As Speaker Pelosi says, Democrats are committed to improving lives, creating opportunities and providing a helping hand when needed. We Democrats intend to wage a smart, aggressive campaign to expand our majority in both Houses of Congress — and we intend to win the White House too. Our success depends on three key things:
  1. Getting an early start – which we have done;
  2. Having a plan of action;
  3. Winning the early support of concerned people like you.
I urge you to join us at the DCCC with a generous contribution. Just complete the enclosed form and return it promptly to me. I will make sure that you get ongoing updates and information as the campaign progresses. Thank you in advance for your support and participation. The most effective place for your financial support right now is not in a Democratic primary campaign — which pits Democrat against Democrat — but here, at the DCCC, where we work for all Democrats to sustain and expand the Majority we must have to govern on your behalf.

Liberal Means Progressive

What is a Liberal?

Do you have to be “Liberal” to be a Democrat? Do you have to be a “Democrat” to be Liberal? In other words, are Democrat and Liberal synonymous?

Republican Operatives are constantly trying to define what it means to be Democrat. They would have America believe that Democrats are Liberal and that Liberal is extremely bad for America. Of course under the current Republican Operative definition, being anything but hard core Right-Wing is bad for America. I want to make it clear – Republicans have not cornered the “Market” on being Right.

Sure Democrats have their share of radical members. But the Republicans are currently being led by Radical Operatives whose agenda is power and wealth.

Republican Operatives would have us believe that Democrats are in favor of abortions. That couldn’t be further from the truth. It's a lie. Democrats are in favor of a women’s right to make a choice, according to her health, psychology, economic condition, marital status, and social beliefs, about what is right for herself.

Republican Operatives are not going to care for unwanted children. They are not lining up to adopt the unwanted children in America. Especially not minority children, or children with birth defects of physical or mental conditions. In addition, they scream loud about the “cycle of Welfare.” They believe that many poor and minorities would rather be stuck in the Cycle than get a job and support themselves. It’s really not that simple, and anti-abortion solves absolutely nothing. In fact, some Right Wing Operatives believe that abortion would end the “Cycle of Welfare” they are so concerned about. But that is erroneous as well.

Republicans, they say, don’t want abortion and they don’t want welfare. They talk today about the "Politics of Compassion" in which churches are supposed to “tithe” enough money to take care of all the social ills of American. There are two problems with this idea; first, the government should be taking care of its people, not churches, and second, churches often require a conversion to their theology and religion in order to benefit from their social programs. Churches are, by definition, in the business of converting souls. This ideology does not allow the poor, who would be dependent on churches under this sorry idea, to have a choice of beliefs. That is not freedom under any definition, and this is “The Land of the Free," isn't it?

Radical Republican Operatives would have us believe Democrat Liberals are not strong on American Defense. Another lie. Just as many Democrats as Republicans voted to authorize Bush to take us to war. Democrats like Republicans were fooled by Republican Right-Wing neo-conservative lies, distortions, misrepresentations and contrived false evidence. Both parties were sorely afraid to appear unwilling to defend the nation after 9/11.Both parties neglected the evidence and sound reasoning. But the point is, Democrats were ready to defend our nation every bit as much as Republicans.

Republican Operatives would have us believe that Democrat Liberals do not support business. Lie. Democrats support businesses. But the fact demonstrated repeatedly by history, is that many businesses no longer support America. These companies support the bottom line; the profit margin. These companies have moved jobs to other nations to save a buck. They have moved factories and offices to foreign nations to save a buck. They chose the cheapest means to achieve their ends in order to raise their profits. These businesses have demonstrated a lack of interest in the ecological damage and destruction they wreak upon the land and its people for the sake of cash. They have sought through lobbyists to destroy labor unions, reduce benefits for employees, reduce retirement programs, reduce health care expenditures by laying the burden on their employees. They have sought through lobby efforts to use the capital in retirement funds for business opportunities, risking, and losing in some cases, entire retirement saving employees had worked a lifetime to save. Money they were counting on for a better life after retirement.

This Radical Republican Administration has demonstrated a complete abandonment of the people by allowing energy companies to write the Energy Policy for this Administration, with no regard for the people or the land. We’re paying outrageous and exorbitant amounts for gasoline while petroleum companies rack up their highest earnings ever. This Republican Administration has done nothing to protect the people. Republican Operatives would have you believe that Democrat Liberals increase taxes and spend more than Republicans do. Yet over the past seven years, Republicans have cut taxes for the wealthiest two percent of the country, they have increased spending in all facets of government, and authorized huge increases in size of government agencies that spy on us, the American people. Republicans, by cutting taxes for the wealthy, have placed higher tax burdens on the poor, because someone has to pay the cost of running the country. If the wealthy are not bearing that cost in proportion to their earnings, the poor and middle class are left to carry the bags of the wealthy, again. This policy has left the Nation more than four trillion dollars in debt.

A close scrutiny of what many Republicans support shows Big Business over the people. For example, scrutiny of the Medicare program shows that Republicans support what the Big Pharmaceutical Companies want –

  • No negotiating the price of medication.
  • Continuation of the current policy, even though Americans could save money by changing the current policy.
  • Medicare is so bad that the elderly have to purchase Medicare Gap Insurance.
Close scrutiny of what Big Business wants shows they support –
  • Illegal Aliens who invade America with immunity because they will work for less wages.
  • Republicans say they only take the jobs Americans don’t want to do, but the truth is they take the jobs Americans wont do for the same wage paid to illegal aliens.
  • Tax incentives paid to companies that hire over seas rather than here in America. Are these jobs Americans wont do? No, Americans used to do these jobs, but employers find it cheaper to hire over seas.

And those who support these Big Businesses support the same thing. A little scrutiny goes a long way. While you’re mulling this over, why not take in a movie, say, “Sicko”. Business needs to be supported, but workers need to be protected from the “bottom line”.

Liberal doesn’t mean weak, permissive, pro-abortion, anti-family, anti-morals, anti-business, pro-welfare, or anti-anything-Republican.

Liberal means Progressive!

We’re people who aren’t satisfied with doing things the way we used to do things just because that’s the way we always did them. We’re open to change. We’re tolerant of diversity in all facets of life. We believe in the inherent worth and dignity of all people regardless of race, origin, religion, or sexual preference. We believe that all people are created equal, and that means all people must have equal opportunity to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That means equal access to medical care. That means equal access to the legislative, judicial, and executive branches of the government. We believe in real Fairness and Balance, not rhetoric. We believe we are stewards of the earth, and we should leave it better than we found it so it will be here for all generation to come. We believe that those we select to represent us must have a higher standard of ethics than the average citizen. We believe in these things. Many Republicans believe these things too. That’s called the Center. Not Left, not Right, but the Center. The average American. We also believe that regardless of political affiliation, the key thing we are tasked to work with each other for the betterment of all people.

It’s about doing the right thing, and voting for those who do.

Beware and Be Prepared for Radical Republican Media Blitzes

As Democrats, we must be informed, not only in our own candidates and issues, but also what is happening in the Republican camp. Note that all Republicans are evil or bad. They are not. But there is a group that came into power with Snoot Gingrich. These folks have little or no conscience. They lie; create phony evidence to promote their causes. They smear opponents with lies, half-truths and made up BS. The Radical Republican objective is to eradicate, kill, or destroy, not just push their opponents aside.

For example: I was watching an interview on MSNBC Hardball’s Chris Mathews with Kate Obenshain during which she berated Hillary Clinton. Obenshain was listed as a member of the radical Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute (CBLPI). I decided to research Obenshain and CBLPI to see why she would speak so negatively about Hillary Clinton, and also state that she would “never vote for a Democrat”. Well, the first thing I noted on the CBLPI website was a story written by Miriam Grossman, MD, in which Dr.(?) Grossman states that Media Mum on Oral Sex and Throat Cancer Risk Among Kids”. I could not believe my eyes. Oral sex is now being blamed for throat cancer among CHILDREN?

Grossman also has her op-ed piece on The Media Research Center website, which is nothing short of a Republican Propaganda Machine. L. Brent Bozell III is president of the MRC as well as the Parents Television Council, and the Conservative Communications Center.

To learn more about Bozell, see his Biography at: http://www.mrc.org/bios/lbb/welcome.asp

A taste of the Media Research Center’s work can be found at:http://www.mrc.org/archive/realitycheck/welcome.asp and the website illustrates the total Radical Right Wing Propaganda machine for what it is.

In checking out the entire story which was on the CBLPI website at http://www.cblpi.org/resources/article.cfm?ID=165. Now, I’m not one to give up so easily, and seeing that Dr. Grossman is connected with CNSNews.com, I thought I should see where that leads, and at the bottom of their homepage I found Dr. Grossman’s story under “Commentary”.

(It should be noted that Miriam Grossman is a senior fellow with the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute, and therefore does her part to further their agenda.)

Other great stories listed on CNSNews.com were:

Just look at these titles! Could these stories be anything less than Right Wing BS Propaganda. It makes me wonder “Who could read and believe this tripe?” I don’t know anyone personally, but I know there are hundreds of thousands of people who do just that. They’re the same people who listen to Rush Limbaugh (and other Right Wing Radio Spewers) and believe everything they say. They’re the same people who watch Fox Noise (News), especially Bill O’Reilly (Oh’really), Hannity and Combs and all the rest of that Right Wing BS flinging machine They’re the same ones who watch Tucker Carlson and believe he knows what he’s saying (he is actually the Master of Spin, being trained in debate). The truly sad thing is, I believe Carlson knows the truth, he just enjoys the spin and like so many Republicans, doesn’t care who gets hurt in the process. None of these radio personalities and TV “Political Pundits” bother to check for the minimum journalistic requirement of responsibility – there needs to be two people to collaborate a story. They don’t seem to even to check the basic voracity of truth in what they say. They just spit out whatever they are told by the Republican Propaganda and Spin Machine. For these folks, truth is optional.

July 02 NBC’s Queen of GreenHosts ‘Live Earth’ Today News Anchor Ann Curry Has History of Sappy Promotion of Celebrity Environmentalists

June 11 TV’s Paltry, Left-Leaning Immigration News MRC Study: After Celebrating Immigration Bill’s Debut, ABC, CBS and NBC Mostly Ignored the Debate

May 15 The Media Before the War: Facts vs. Liberal Mythology For Months Prior to Start of Iraq War, Big Media Highlighted Anti-War Arguments, Doubted Bush Administration Claims

May 07 The Two Debates: MSNBC’s Liberal Agenda MSNBC’s Matthews Emphasizes Liberal Questions at GOP Debate: Is Bill Clinton Good for America?

April 19 Morning TV’s One-Sided Climate Crusade Study: ABC, CBS and NBC Push Global Warming Alarmism, Purge Skeptics and Hide Economic Costs

March 23 Ten Years Ago, Subpoenas Drew TV Yawns When Team Clinton Was Subpoenaed, Reporters Found “Hard-Charging Partisans” Wasting Tax Money

March 14 Mass Amnesia Over Mass Clinton Firings ABC, CBS, CNN, FNC, NBC Morning Interviews With Gonzales All Skip “March Massacre” of 1993


January 31 “Peace Surge” Trumps Abortion Protest Big Three Networks Gloss Over Pro-Life March, But Send Excited Reporters to Boost Anti-War Rally

January 11 TV’s Pre-Emptive War Against Iraq “Surge” Before Iraq Plan Unveiled, Reporters Said It Was Unpopular, Wouldn’t Work & War Was “Lost Cause”

January 05 Ten Years of Matt Lauer’s Liberal Bias Today Co-host Has Rued America’s War On Terror, Pushed Gun Control and Touted Clinton’s Greatness

My point in all of this is that while Republicans scream about the liberal media bias, the fact of the matter is that anyone who does not fully support the Radical Republican Media Bias are Liberal Media. The problem with all of this should be evident by now. We as Democrats and moderate or liberal Independents must not only know what we believe in and how to speak to those beliefs, but we must fearlessly research what the Republican Media Machine is saying and be able to expose the machine for what it is – lies, deceit, and made up hooey designed to promote the cause of the Radical Republicans and the Big Businesses that support them.

Beware, be aware, be informed, BE ACTIVE!