Saturday, September 20, 2008

John McCain's Position on Gov't Regulations

I've been watching this whole Wall Street bail out, and I'm not happy about it. It seems that when the "big business" folks get into trouble the government is all for saving them. Yet, as we saw when the "average Joe" was going belly up and was unable to pay their mortgages, the boys in Washington said "Too bad." Doesn't that beat all? Washington is supposed to be "Government by the people, for the people" not "Government by big business, for big business." Unfortunately, with all the lobbyists on K Street buying up all the Congressmen and Senators they can get their claws into, the latter is the real case in Washington. It's business as usual in Washington. I think all they've done by bailing out these Fat Corporations is put-off the inevitable. There is no change if nothing changes. And I've heard it said the the definition of insanity is "Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result." Well, nothings changing. Are you expecting a different result? So what to do? I know it would be hard on everybody, but I think we should let those companies that engaged in the predatory business practices should be forced to face the music. If you're going to dance, you've got to pay the piper. What's happening in this bail out is we-the-people are paying the piper for the fat cats. Again. Especially since those who were supposed to be protecting the people in Washington (Spearheaded by Sen. Phil Gramm (R-Tex) a John McCain advisor on finance) are the ones who wrote the de-regulatory laws that allowed the companies to get away with raping the country. It didn't start with the deregulation of finance companies. It started with advertising telling us we need to have this and we've got to have that, AND WE BELIEVED THEM. It's a crazy rat race. The workers try to get ahead (remember when there was only one bread winner in the home and someone was home taking care of the kids?) by working two or more jobs, and both people in a two adult home are working. That only works for a short while because when business sees that the consumer (that's us) has more money, they up their prices. Charge what the market will bear, and not a penny less. That's inflation and we go round and round. Then business changed the rules. 605,000 jobs lost through August this year alone. Why? Businesses are taking their manufacturing plants and service out of the country because third world people will work for pennies on the dollar. But those who are out of a job aren't finding a job financially equal to their old one. The result is the shrinking of the purchasing power of the dollar. I think we must all take responsibility for where we are. Business for their predatory practices and people for their inattention to their own finances. It's harder because we are inundated with advertising telling us we must have "our share" of the American dream. And we buy it. So, if we're going to let the small guy suffer the consequence of his decisions, WE MUST LET THE CORPORATE FAT CATS PAY THE CONSEQUENCE OF THEIR PREDATORY DECISIONS! The commentators keep telling us that the government bail out is going to turn everything around. Relax, they say, we're going to be alright. But I say we are just putting off the inevitable crash of the American and world economy. Get ready for new Hoover camps and inside out pockets like we saw during that depression. Get ready for the coming depression!

John McCain Used to be Maverick, but Now . . .